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FormLED Pixel Bridge

Plug n Play

Addressable WS2811 / WS2812 LEDs without DMX control? How's that possible?!

With our revolutionary product, the FormLED Pixel Bridge, you can do that and more. As the name implies, the FormLED Pixel Bridge is connected between the addressable LEDs and your computer or Rasberry Pi. So 16 times 1024 WS2811 / WS2812 LEDs can be conected to each Pixel Bridge. The cascadability of the Pixel Bridge allows you to connect multiple Pixel Bridges and thus achieve any dimensions. With the integrated mapping generator you can easily fill your individual shapes and sizes with content. Your device is connected via a DVI / HDMI input, which also has an integrated gamma correction. On the output side, the content is played back at 30 Hz. What more could you want. LEDs, Pixel Brigde and Kontent ..... let's go!

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