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FormLED Sheet

different shapes cuttable

The FormLED Sheet offers enormous brightness due to its high density of LEDs. Its super-thin board material makes it extremely flexible. Due to the unique, innovative power distribution system, it can be cut into any size so that arbitrary shapes and motifs can be created. Appealing especially to model makers, the FormLED Sheet is an excellent product to illuminate unusual shapes homogeneously. Cutoffs remain usable, because each LED works indipendently.

The FormLED Sheets are equipped with the best LED quality. We pay attention to longevity and good color rendering. In addition, we offer sheets in 3 different colors temperatures, warm white, cold white and neutral white.

Sheets can be purchased in the following sizes:

1 Sheet 280mm x 200mm560 LEDs 
1/2 Sheet 280mm x 100mm280 LEDs
1/4 Sheet 140mm x 100mm140 LEDs
1/16 Sheet 70mm x 50mm35 LEDs