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FormLED TOP dynamic light ceiling

... custom made for Wartburg experience portal

Photos: FormLED GmbH

Object: Wartburg Experience Portal

Partner: whitebox GmbH, Dresden

Product: FormLED TOP / dynamic LED light ceiling on the basis of RGB, customized solution

Technical Details: LEDs on the RGB-basis, content-capable; HDMI interface, synchronizable.

Wartburg Castle is a very special place, highly symbolic of German history. The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its numerous exhibitions and events, it is a magnet for visitors to the region. At the foot of the castle is the Chauffeur House, built in 1930. After a long period of vacancy, it has now been given a new lease of life as the cultural experience portal. It required a complete renovation and redesign. The core element of the experience portal is a sophisticated multimedia exhibition that draws attention to the historical events surrounding Wartburg Castle and the region of Thuringia.

To enable an immersive experience of the 360° presentation, dynamic lighting with different light scenes is the best choice. As a partner of whitebox GmbH Dresden, FormLED GmbH integrated a sophisticated light ceiling construction into the multimedia room presentation. For this purpose, the customized dynamic FormLED TOP elements were manufactured. A full-surface illumination of the sophisticatedly shaped ceiling construction was achieved by the usage of our highly flexible LED Crowns RGB P28. The content of the lighting is controlled by the player hardware developed by FormLED.  Due to it, the single segments of the ceiling are seamlessly and simultaneously played via a common HDMI input. Thus, a synchronous displaying of the entire installation can be achieved. In this way, every scene of the presentation appears in its specific light.

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