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E.On Solar

Together with Atelier Steffen Kehrle (ASK), we developed an extraordinary LED free-form screen for the Munich-based energy company E.On, which on the one hand serves as ceiling lighting, but at the same time displays the company's current sales figures. More precisely, the sales figures of the sold solar panels. The display shows how much CO2 and nuclear power you have saved by purchasing the solar panels. This installation is always up to date and changes live with the cycle of the sales. In the photovoltaic department of the company, you can admire the high-quality hybrid of room lighting and screen system.

The focus of this project was to equip LED panels in different shapes with high-quality, efficient RGB LEDs. Only in this way could we counteract the longevity and efficiency of the company in the project. Care had to be taken to ensure that the communication interfaces of E.On and the project are compatible and to ensure "live" transmission.

More information about the project Solar from ASK.