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One Wall with thousand possibilities

Flexible forms fit into the architecture

Whether free-standing or firmly integrated into the architecture, every FormLED WALL is costum made by us. In order for us to be able to respond specifically to your needs and to maintain an individual approach to architecture and room design, we focus great importance to the free formability of the individual modules. They can be square or round; convex, concave or flat.

The dynamic light area adapts

This homogeneous surface light is not only characterized by technical features such as a pixel pitch of 20 mm or a white calibrated RGBW system, but also invites you to vary the lighting mood thanks to its video capability. With this adaptive system, the room can be dynamically adapted to new conditions, ideas or wishes at any time.

Multifunctional LED wall creates atmosphere

With regard to the visual impact of the digital screen, we pay attention to creative freedom, flexibility and adaptability. The changeability of the content makes the FormLED WALL multifunctional and can not only change the light in the room, but also the overall effect of the room. Whether as an information wall in a museum or for an atmospheric and dynamic impression in a hotel, office or fitness studio, the FormLED WALL can be adapted to the design requirements and does not have to be replaced. Optionally, the fabric-covered surface of the screen can also be printed with your individual motif or logo.

Let your imagination run wild

Due to the low installation depth of 100 mm, the modular integration of power supplies as well as control supplies and the use of aluminum profiles, the weight remains light, assembly and maintenance easy.

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