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FormLED Products

We form light

Since the first light bulb was brought into the market in 1879, the understanding of the medium light has changed significantly. Products created soley as a pure light source continued to develop and the were being undterstood as a design element. Since 2012 we are part of this development and would like to help you with our calibrated systems to let your ligth shine in the right shape. With our products you can easily combine light, design, art and technology: let a light TOP merge with the given architecture, provide the surroundings with homogeneous illumination and expand the space at the same time with a simulated ceiling opening of the sky. Our products help to create a flexible and individual atmosphere in everyday office life or at trade fairs. Use our products to shape the light of the future.

Product overview


One Wall with thousand possibilities

The FormLED WALL is a video-enabled medium, which can be integrated as a solid or a temporary component in architecture. Aou can freely upload any content and create any form for a flexible and individual design. Develop your ideo of a somple wall and use lively atmospheric impressions to increase the quality of stay.


Invite the sky into your house

With our FormLED TOP you can create atmospheric impressions that adapt directly to your wishes and needs and use light in a conscious way at the same time. So you don`t just create a view to the sky, but design a good lighting situation. This high quality and video-capable light is characterized by technical features, like the white calibrated RGBW system or a CRI of 90+ and can be seamlessly integrated in existing or planned spaces.


Bringing pictures to life

The FormLED BOX offers a high quality light spectrum that doesn`t lose any color information while presenting your photographs or graphics. Due to the good color rendering and the extensive color spectrum of the LEDs, each photo can radiate in its brilliant colors. Your works come to life. This lightbox creates one surface in which the price and the the quality of your work are mirrored.

FormLED Pixel Bridge

Plug 'n' Play

Finally a simple way to control addressable WS2811 / WS2812 LEDs. With our FormLED Pixel Bridge you can now easily control 16 times 1000 WS2811 / WS2812 LEDs directly via DVI / HDMI! The Pixel Bridge offers even more. By cascading multiple Pixel Bridges you have endless possibilities in the shape and size of the LEDs.

FormLED Sheet

Form variation through Freedom

Thanks to the unique, innovative tension distribution, the FormLED Sheet can be cut to any size so that free shapes and motifs can be created. All remaining pieces remain usable, because each LED can still be connected individually.

FormLED Stripe

Homogeneous lighting

The FormLED LED Stripe combines simple usability with enormous energy efficiency (110 lm / W). Due to its own, completely solderless plug-in system, it can be used in any size. The brand LEDs from the world market leader Nichia from Japan offer a special brightness of 10,000 lm / m².