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FormLED Products

We form light

Since the first bulb was introduced to the market in 1879, a lot has changed in terms of light. Light is not only used as a light source, but also as a design element. Here we come into play. With our products you can easily combine light, design and art. Light ceilings merge into architecture and provide even, homogeneous lighting while at the same time simulating a sky window. Exhibition walls communicate Information and create ambience and dynamic lighting at the same time. Office life is transformed with light and photographs come to life. The expectaion our costumers have to us is the same we have to our products. We only work with high end products and pay attention to quality rather than quantity. We only process high quality LEDs and calibrate our lighting systems ourselves. This allows us to focus on all our customers' requirements and let your project shine in the right light.

Product overview

FormLED Pixel Bridge

FormLED Pixel Bridge

Plug 'n' Play

Finally a simple way to control addressable WS2811 / WS2812 LEDs. With our FormLED Pixel Bridge you can now easily control 16 times 1000 WS2811 / WS2812 LEDs directly via DVI / HDMI! The Pixel Bridge offers even more. By cascading multiple Pixel Bridges you have endless possibilities in the shape and size of the LEDs.

Frank Stürmer Art Photography La Mortella 3

FormLED Fine Art Light Box

Bringing pictures to life

The FormLED Fine Art Light Box is built with high quality and durable LEDs. Due to the good color rendering and the extensive color spectrum of the LEDs, each photo can radiate in its brilliant colors. Your photo prints are brought to life.

FormLED Sheet, 2 halves

FormLED Sheet

Form variation through Freedom

Thanks to the unique, innovative tension distribution, the FormLED Sheet can be cut to any size so that free shapes and motifs can be created. All remaining pieces remain usable, because each LED can still be connected individually.

 FormLED LED-Stripes for back lighting

FormLED Stripe

Homogeneous lighting

The FormLED LED Stripe combines simple usability with enormous energy efficiency (110 lm / W). Due to its own, completely solderless plug-in system, it can be used in any size. The brand LEDs from the world market leader Nichia from Japan offer a special brightness of 10,000 lm / m².