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Invite the sky into your house

Dynamic, transforming light ceilings created by video-capable LED modules.
Letting the outside shine in without having a sky window. You can do even more with the FormLED Light Ceiling. On one hand, our Light Ceiling can illuminate the room homogeneously and, on the other hand, it can open the room by simulating a sky window. We not only give light, but atmosphere. Whether in the museum, or foyer our Light Ceilings give a statment: freedom through diversity. The dynamic, transforming and video-enabled Light Ceilings are only equipped with high-quality and calibrated digital RGB LED modules. This way we can guarantee our customers the cherry of the icing.  Because of the low installation depth, the luminous ceilings can be seamlessly integrated into the architecture in order to merge light, function and design.

Let your imagination run wild.
We costumize every Light Ceiling. Whether free-hanging or integrated into the construction, we will find a solution. Through the use of aluminum profiles, the weight remains light and easy to install. The aluminum construction is covered with keder cloths. With the cloths you can determine the translucence of your Light Ceiling and even print them with your own individual motif or logo.

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